• What is Open Data?

Open Data is machine readable data that is available in many formats and obtainable without
reservations or barrier of any kind; such as login requirement, password, fees or charges of any kind.

This data is open for use, reuse, alteration and redistribution by an individual, a legal person and by
the government for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Open data is not bound by conditions 

with regard to the way the data would be used although credit should be given to the original
author/owner for the data.


  • What Data can I find here?

You will find studies, reports, statistics and data relating to the Bahrain government's services
and policies. You will also find data about demographics, environment, trade and economy.

  • In what format are the data available in?

The documents are available in easy-to-use downloadable and editable formats. Most documents
would be available in more than one format: XML, MS Excel and MS Word.


  • How can I access these data?

Just search for the data you are looking for using the search box and the filters available and
download them in the format you want.

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